Welcome to a space where art meets personal expression. Explore unique tattoos that bring stories to life, and prepare to transform your idea into exceptional artistry. Your journey towards a memorable tattoo begins here

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What sets us apart

Custom design

Welcome to my art space, where every tattoo tells a story through ink. I specialize in creating customized designs that capture your ideas and transform them into unique artistic expressions. Here, your style and preferences are paramount, and I work with you to reflect your individuality in each design. Let me be the artist who brings your ideas beyond paper, directly onto your skin.

Premium ink

Experience a premium tattoo service where every detail matters. I am committed to providing you with an exceptional experience, from a welcoming environment to the use of the highest quality materials. My goal is to exceed your expectations and ensure that every visit is a rewarding and memorable journey. Your comfort and satisfaction are my priorities, and here you will find a commitment to excellence in every stroke.

B&G and Color tattoos

Discover a world of possibilities with my black & grey and color tattoos. Skilled in shading, fine line, and color techniques, I offer versatility that adapts to your vision. Whether you're looking for the subtlety of greys or the vibrancy of bright colors, I am here to create tattoos that are true works of art, reflecting your unique personality and style.

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📧 gregordeveratattoo@gmail.com

📞 (305) 290-9772

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